Goodbye Barcelona

We spent a sad but joyful last day in Barcelona on Sunday. As a family, we discussed all the things that we’d miss…and not miss about Barcelona. We decided to try and capture some of our thoughts in a video. It always seems to come down to people, though. We’ll miss the people who we’ve come to know and the places where we spent time connecting and people watching. We’ll be back, Barcelona! Thank you for the warm welcome.

Siena (by Sienna)

Siena was SOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Fun .I was spooked by people chanting my name, and seeing my name on every hat , t-shirt, bag and even coffee mugs .The plaza was very lively and spectacular by its size! We went to an amazing gelato place and got quite a lot of souvenirs .I heard that they run horse races all over the plaza once a year .It was Sienna in Siena!!!!!!!!!!

Futbol Mania- Sienna blog

Futbol Mania was very fun .We got all sorts of stuff and played on a mini spectacular field. John got shoes and 2 soccer balls and I got a pair of cleats. When we first came there was a long turf hallway with a gigantic TV playing soccer videos .There was millions of cleats and soccer balls that knocked me off my feet .But it was SOOOOO fun.


Thank you family and friends for traveling miles (and miles) and spending time with us here in Barcelona. Thank you for bringing peanut butter, ranch dressing, books, and good company. Thank you for making us feel known and alive – and less like imposters –living here in Spain. X0X0


Sienna said that she had a school performance. I was picturing a group of cute and awkward kids wearing yellow, holding drawings of various animals, and singing – slightly out of tune – perhaps a song about animals.   Well…. actually, all that happened. However, it STILL was NOT AT ALL what I expected. Wait until you see the footage. Sienna was just as surprised as we were about the immensity of the performance (language barrier still alive and kicking). Third graders from all the schools in Barcelona independently learned the same songs and came together for this performance at the National Theatre (L’Auditori). It was fantastic!


Sevilla – This city was founded by Hercules, fortified by Julius Caesar, and conquered at various times by Vandals, Visigoths, Moors, and Catholics. Christopher Columbus embarked on his journeys – and was entombed – here. All around the city, clash of cultures is evident. The North African Muslims (Moors) built mosques and graceful, curvy buildings (I’m sure there’s a word for that). Catholic conquerors layered on over-the-top “we are SO powerful” giant golden and baroque décor. As a result, the largest cathedral in the world is here (move over Hagia Sophia) and parts of this beautiful cathedral were built from the original mosque/mezquita. The city is full of lively people and spontaneity abounds. Loved this place.